Yes, lawyers do have a heart!  This blog is dedicated to publicizing the quiet work of many lawyers who are doing good deeds in their communities.  We want you to know who they are and a  little about what they’re doing to help others and improve the quality of life for all of us. 

It’s often said, “No good deed goes unpunished,” but instead we say kudos to these lawyers for being a credit to their profession!

If you want to see more lawyerly good deeds published here, please send a brief summary of your favorite do-gooder lawyer’s activities, and remember to include their professional contact information as well.  Lawyers should absolutely feel free to share an update of their own.

Some pointers for users:

We will publish selected profiles and not necessarily all those we receive.

Submissions with photos and interesting facts about the community project are desirable (no professional head shots, please).

Information presented about a lawyer in this blog is not an endorsement of that lawyer’s practice, nor is it a personal reference.

We may edit any submission chosen for publication to ensure the language and length of the article are reader-friendly.

We reserve the right to take down a post for any reason, without notice.

Comments to this blog are subject to editorial review and deletion if they include profane, derogatory or other inappropriate content.

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